All they have is money

This week a friend and I went to dinner at a downtown restaurant. The week has been especially cold with the nighttime temperatures approaching -30C.

As we neared the restaurant a very thin young man dressed only in jeans, a sweatshirt and a knit hat asked us if we had a bus ticket we could give him.

Without hesitating I reached into my wallet for one. As I was doing this, the young man explained that he hated to ask for money but wanted to get to the overnight homeless shelter. I gave him the ticket and a $5 bill. He whooped with happiness and gave me a hug thanking me over and over and over. He exclaimed, “Now I can go inside and have a coffee first and get warm!” I wished him a good night and he rushed off up the street to a coffee shop.

My friend turned to me with a curious expression and before he could say anything I told him “That’s why I always carry cash.”

He replied, “You’re more generous than I am. You won’t get rich giving it away.”

I answered, “I am already rich because I know I have enough to share. Those other people you call “rich”? All they have is money.”