Welcome to the Pink Elephant Room. This isn’t a blog about drinking and hangovers or gay Republicans. Far from it! It’s a blog about the things I’ve learned from the smart women around me, and through a few trials and errors of my own.

When my mother died, I wrote a eulogy called “Lessons I learned from my mother.” Her eulogy has been shared with different groups over the years and recently a colleague of mine suggested I blog about it. And so here we are.

I’m about to turn 50. I’d be boldfaced lying if I said I’m loving every minute of middle age. The rogue chin hairs and sore knees frankly suck, and the seven dwarves of menopause – Sleepy, Cranky, Forgetful, Sweaty, Hungry, Plump and Dry – have taken up residence.

However, the Universe sweetly compensates with contentedness and ease that can only come from having had the time to absorb some good lessons. That’s what I want to share here.

I hope you’ll enjoy and share your wisdom too!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Audrey…I read it and laughed so hard, but also got inspired. These are the words that jumped out at me, Woolco, the seven dwarves of menopause and especially the fact you still have the pink and yellow enamel elephant brooch – how very special! Now I will anxiously await your next post(s).


  2. If Woolco and the seven dwarves of menopause resonate with you, Brenda, then you too are a “woman of a certain age” (no one is actually certain what the certain age is). I promise you lots more reading!


    • Hi, Dee. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! Some days I just don’t know what to write or if it matters so it’s good to hear that the blog is resonating with someone. 🙂


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