Crabby Jack cakes


Most times when I try a new recipe, I tweak it  and make the recipe my own. But sometimes my cooking creativity involves nothing more than finding recipes on the Internet and seeing if I can recreate them. This is one of these times.

Pre-vegan days, I rarely at crab cakes, but when I wanted them, they called like a siren! These crab cakes, made with jackfruit to replicate the flaky texture of crab and tofu to provide protein and tummy satisfaction, are fantastically like the “real” thing. But they’re better: no one died; there’s no cholesterol, and these cakes are extremely economical to make.

I did get creative with the recipe name. I call these Crabby Jack cakes. Susan Voisin posted them as Jackfruit “Crab” cakes along with her excellent directions and recipe here.

Some things I learned

I made Susan Voisin’s version using tofu rather than white beans. I ended up with 12 patties using about 1/3 cup mix per patty.

I live in southwestern Ontario. I found the Old Bay seasoning at Sobey’s grocers and the jackfruit at an independent Chinese grocer. You don’t need to shop on Amazon for these items.

I ate my Crabby Jack cakes with comeback sauce. It’s a perfect pairing!