Keep four things between you and the earth

bracombatbootsMy father had a curious fascination for excellent shoes and foundation garments.

He instilled a fear in me of wearing other people’s shoes. Used shoes were imbued with the peculiarities of the previous wearer’s gait and would cripple me for life, my father warned.   

Similarly, I spent the first 20 years of my life sure I’d die of a kidney infection if I didn’t wear an undershirt on cold days. My mother would recall with a sigh the cashmere underwear and camisole she was given on their first wedding anniversary.

Laugh as I may at my father’s dire fascination, he did have a point. Whatever comes between me and the earth has to be solid and supportive. We’re at our best with a strong foundation.

Wear the best shoes you can afford. I don’t mean the highest, pointiest, shiniest, Manolo Blahnik-est shoes. I mean the best ones for your feet, the ones that will support you, the ones that make your stride bold and sure.

Sleep on the best mattress you can afford. You spend a full third of your life sleeping. Do it on something that feels like a lullaby for your spine. You shouldn’t wake up with aches and sore spots from your bed.

If you drive, get the best tires you can afford. If you’re live in a snowy climate, yes, you do need snow tires for the winter. They make a difference in your ability to literally maneuver through the world.

And ladies, my father was right. Invest in some great foundation garments. A bra isn’t going to come between you and the earth (unless you’re doing burpees), but you cannot overestimate how a perfectly fitting, supportive bra can boost your confidence as well as your bosom.

2 thoughts on “Keep four things between you and the earth

  1. I’m with you on good shoes and good bras! Getting fitted is a great idea…sometimes we are wearing the wrong size & don’t even know it. And that’s no way to treat The Girls!

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