Tincture of time…

TinctureIt’s been almost four weeks since I woke up one Saturday morning, clammy, nauseated and with the room spinning. At first I thought I had a hangover. I had a whole bottle of wine (and likely more) over the course of the previous evening’s whine and cheese urban bonfire. But this was no hangover.

What was ailing me was likely a virus, exacerbated by a painfully blocked Eustachian tube from sea water in my ear and airplane travel. I had had this before and my doctor charmingly prescribed “tincture of time.” You cannot buy it. You just gotta make it.   

I tortured myself by googling my symptoms and confirming my worst suspicions. I had vertigo. I had Meniere’s disease. I had multiple sclerosis. I had a big, pulsing brain tumour. Go ahead… google any random selection of symptoms and it will invariably lead you to “big, pulsing brain tumour.”

I’m finally starting to feel normal –back to walking and eating real meals. I can watch videos again without the flickering images making me nauseated and I can bend down without the room becoming a merry-go-round. I can even stay up until it’s dark! Woot!

So, my friends, this is my long way of explaining where the heck those blog posts have been AND letting you know I’m baaaaaaaack.

2 thoughts on “Tincture of time…

  1. How many aches and pains have I searched the internet to self-diagnose myself I can’t even count….I am glad you are back to your cheery self and look forward to reading more…..keep smiling


    • Thanks, Brenda! I’m not 100% yet but getting there. This old gal just doesn’t bounce back the way she used to. BTW, my doctor almost always says good bye to me by saying “And stay off the Internet!” 🙂


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