Who are my special friends?

Romper-Room-300x214In Canada we have a children’s show called Romper Room. At the start of the show the hostess holds up a magic mirror and looking into it says “Romper stomper bomper boo. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me who. Who are my special friends today?” And then she proceeds to make a roll call of names – John and Brenda and Steve and so on and etc.

In my magic mirror, I see Brazil and Canada and the UK and the US and Russia and Germany and so on and so on. I’m delighted to see visitors from every continent!

So tell me. Tell me. Tell me who. Who are my special friends visiting this blog?

Who are you? Where are you from? Why do you come to The Pink Elephant Room? What topics tickle your fancy? What has given you food for thought? What do you wish I would write about more? Is there anything you’re curious about that you want to ask me?

The Pink Elephant Room encourages me to observe and examine my own feelings about everyday life – past and present. It makes me happy to write, to acknowledge people and events that have inspired me and to see readers coming to the blog. I’d love to get to know you better.


4 thoughts on “Who are my special friends?

  1. Ok Audrey, do you asked…here you go. You recently took a trip why don’t you write about it. What did you like about Cuba and all the shenanigans you got into there. Ok not like a report I can read at Tripadvisor but your point of view and what you thoughts about Cuba and the resort. just a thought. And if you tell me you already did that….then oops I missed it. haha


  2. I love reading your blogs because you inspire me and you are not afraid to tell your deepest feeling if it will help others. I love everything that you write. It certainly gives me a different perspective at times.


    • Hi, Kimberly! Thanks for your comments. I’ve been accused of oversharing in the past so now I do try to make my shares worthy and ask myself “what is my motivation” before I speak. Hmm… perhaps there’s a blog post there, huh? 🙂


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