No more bad hair days – guaranteed

Ladies, are you tired of having bad hair days? I have a formula that promises to end your bad hair days forever!badhair

Stop looking in the mirror.

Why is this formula so simple but so effective? Because no one is looking at you or caring about your hair or any of your other parts as much as you are. No one. They’re all too busy thinking about themselves. If you stop looking at your hair, and stop worrying about it and what people might think, that is the end of you bad hair days. I guarantee it!

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t look at my hair but still have a bad hair day and someone comments on how ugly I look?

Well who would be the ugly one in that exchange?

But what if my hair is really ugly and I run into my hairdresser? She’ll notice.

First of all, have you ever run into your hairdresser? Secondly, if you do, and your hair is “really ugly”, you’re right, she likely will notice and it will motivate her to up her game. That’s good news!

What if I don’t have any hair at all and look really freaky? You can’t tell me people aren’t going to notice that.

You haven’t specified why you wouldn’t have any hair at all, so I’ll try to address a couple scenarios where that might be the case:

1)      You’re a man. Baldness in men isn’t noteworthy. No problem.

2)      You’re a woman or child and have decided to shave your head. You are getting the attention you crave although it will be fleeting since most people will immediately turn their attention back to themselves (if they notice you at all).

What will I think about, if I’m not thinking about my hair and how ugly I look?

I get it. Change is hard. But I promise you, that once you’re not focused on yourself and your hair, you’ll notice a million other wonderful things all around you. In fact, you might just become enchanted with life.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose but your bad hair days!

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