If you’re going to be an elephant, be a pink one.


When I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I was out with my mom shopping at Woolco department store. She was rummaging through the costume jewellery. I was skipping around with a black bra on my head pretending to be a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Suddenly she stopped and picked up a pink and yellow enamel elephant brooch and laughing she said “Well, if you’re going to be an elephant, you might as well be a pink one.” My mother loved elephants and she bought that pin. I still have it.

I don’t know why what she said caught my attention that day, but it stayed with me. I actually think my mother was making a reference to weight. She always thought she was fat (she wasn’t) and was referring to herself as an elephant – but a really well-dressed elephant.

What I heard was “Whatever you are, be your amazing best self. Be exuberant. Be outrageously, gloriously, vibrantly whatever hue is right for you. Be a pink elephant if that’s what you want to be.

Society is going to try and knock that authentic gorgeousness out of you at a young age and yMomsBroochou will absorb all the conform-and-fit-in messages. Forget about it! Be a pink elephant or a purple cow or a vanilla gorilla or whatever works for you. Be you and don’t hold back. The world needs your authenticity.

13 thoughts on “If you’re going to be an elephant, be a pink one.

  1. I love your post and also look forward to more… You just reminded me of a pair of pants I had when I was 5. We didnt have a lot of money when I was young so I am sure they were hand me downs from the sixties. They were purple with pink elephants on them… LOL!! And I did wear them…


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